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Sponsorship Guidelines for Sponsors
  • Sponsors shall complete an application form to Unifund project to be a `sponsor member’ (See application form).

  • You are required to pay your sponsorship contribution regularly on the 1st day of the period (Monthly or quarterly or half yearly or annually as you elected to pay)

  • If a sponsor’s contribution payment lapses for more than 2 months, then the sponsor should pay the contribution half yearly ($300) in advance as next payment. If a sponsor decides not to continue, then it should be given in writing.

  • An individual or a group of persons or organizations could be our sponsors.
Sponsorship Program
Rs 4000 – Rs. 6000 per student per month.

The Treasury of the respective University will make monthly payment on a prescribed date of each month.
Sponsorship eligibility criteria
  • Students who are in financial difficulties.

  • Students who are displaced from their own lands or separated or lost support from their parents or breadwinners.

  • Students who are affected by war or Students who have loss their parent/s, especially their breadwinner.
How to Sponsor ?
If you wish to sponsor an University Student in Jaffna or Batticoloa, please fill the application form and sent in back to us.

We request Aus. $50 per month to sponsor a student. Therefore we request you to transfer or deposit your money to `Unifund Project’ account at the Bendigo bank.

We prefer you to pay quarterly ($150) or half yearly ($300) or annually ($600) in order to avoid unnecessary administrative work. Or you may pay contribution by Cheque (in favour of `Unifund Project’) or money order or cash (only through our authorized members).
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