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Welcome to the UNIFUND Project
The Sydney University Tamil Society (SUTS) established the `Unifund’ project in 1991, following a request from former Vice Chancellor of the University of Jaffna, Prof. Thurairajah. This was a project to help the disadvantaged university students by University Students in Sydney. The Australian Society of Graduate Tamils (ASoGT) took over the project in 2002. This project bridges the University Tamil students in our homeland and students in the Tamil Diaspora.
The ASoGT continues to provide services to our brothers and sisters in North-East of Sri Lanka through our Unifund Project. This project had raised and donated More than Aus.$75,000 to the University of Jaffna and the Eastern University over 12 years. The money was spent in scholarships, Vice Chancellor’s Trust funds, IT projects, books and educational materials. The Unifund project was in a dormant stage for some time due to other emergencies in our homeland. The Tsunami rehabilitation and refugee needs were greater priorities then.
We now provide student scholarships to students in need, those who were released from the IDP camps after the Vanni war in 2009. In the future we intend to help the families of the students who are sponsored by us, in order to support their family by a regular income. Also wish to provide helps in academic projects such as providing teachings by experts and facilities and provide material support.
Our Aim
  • Unifund project (ASoGT) aims to provide assistance to disadvantaged University Students in North & East of Sri Lanka.

  • Unifund project (ASoGT) shall help and support with the educational materials, books and equipments for the Universities in North and East in order to provide better education for our next generation.
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  • Unifund project (ASoGT) shall provide knowledge tranfer / sharing expertise in the undergraduate education at the University of Jaffna and the Eastern university.

Education is a valuable asset to Tamils.
We have a duty to preserve it
in North and East of the Island of Sri Lanka.

How to Sponsor ?
If you wish to sponsor an University Student in Jaffna or Batticoloa, please fill the application form and sent in back to us.

We request Aus. $50 per month to sponsor a student. Therefore we request you to transfer or deposit your money to `Unifund Project’ account at the Bendigo bank.

We prefer you to pay quarterly ($150) or half yearly ($300) or annually ($600) in order to avoid unnecessary administrative work. Or you may pay contribution by Cheque (in favour of `Unifund Project’) or money order or cash (only through our authorized members).
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