Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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UNIFUND PROJECT (Since 1991): The `Unifund' project had been established by the Sydney University Tamil Society (SUTS) in 1991, following a request from former Vice Chancellor, Prof. Thurairajah. This was a project to help the disadvantaged university students by University Students in Sydney. The Australian Society of Graduate Tamils (ASoGT) has taken over the project in 2002. This project bridges the University Tamil students in our homeland and the student in the Tamil Diaspora.

The Unifund project now sponsors over 90 students in the University of Jaffna and the Eastern University. Most of these students were released from Internally displaced People (IDP) Camps since the end of Vanni War in May 2009. To know more about the Unifund project and / or sponsor a student, please visit www.theunifundproject.org.

Kalappai Magazine (Since 1994): This is another project of the Australian Society of Graduate Tamils (ASoGT). `Kalappai' magazine was first published in July 1994 in Sydney. The project was initiated by Sydney University Tamil Society (SUTS) and now continued by the Australian Society of Graduate Tamils (ASoGT) from 2002. The aim of this project is to identify talented Tamil writers and encourage the young writers in the Tamil Diaspora. We keep a dialogue with the global Tamil community by publishing this `Kalappai' magazine. This is a Tamil-English quarterly magazine. `Kalappai’ has recently celebrated its 15th year of publication. To contribute and subscribe, please call 0433 088 725 or email: kalappai@gamil.com

TAMIL COMPETITIONS (Since 1994): The Tamil competitions have been held for the last fifteen years in New South Wales and 10 years Australian Capital Territory States. The Australian Society of Graduate Tamils had taken over this Herculean task from the 10th year. This competition is now extended to all States in Australia and New Zealand from 2006, as `Australasian Competitions’. You may visit www.kalappai.org for further information.

TAMIL GUIDE – NSW (Since 1997): There have been 4 issues of Tamil Guide since its inaugural issue in 1997. The fifth issue of `Tamil Guide (TG)’ was published in 2008. The Tamil Guide has been updated and released on website.

InTamil (Since 2010): This project is to design a website for the kids in the Tamil Diaspora to learn Tamil language, culture & heritage. This will facilitate Tamil education for various aged kids and others. This will also be an information centre for a Tamil resources for kids. Coming soon to your computers.
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