Saturday, December 14, 2019
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Safety Tips
It might be 150 million kilometers away but its damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays take only ten minutes to reach us and not much longer than that to start burning our skin. Whatever your skin colour, being unprotected in the sun increases your chances of getting skin cancer.  
  works best if you put it on about 20 minutes before you go outside. Put on more every couple of hours, or after you’ve been swimming (or sweating). Use sunscreen every day before you go outside - before you burn!  
  doesn’t give 100 per cent protection from UV radiation and should never be used to help you tan or extend your time in the sun. For best protection, follow the 3 steps on the right.  
  People who burn and don’t tan have the highest risk of skin cancer, but people who tan easily get it too. In fact, having a skin that tans easily can make you careless about sun protection.
A tan is a sign that your skin has been damaged by UV radiation.
In formation supplied by: NSW Cancer Council  
Protect your skin and prevent premature aging  
  01. Relax in the shade and try to keep out of the sun when it’s at it strongest - between 10.00am and 2.00pm (11.00am and 3.00pm during the daylight savings)  
  02. Wear hats that shade your face and neck, tightly-woven clothing that can block the sun’s penetrating rays and sunglasses that stop UV light reaching your eyes.  
  03. Cover any exposed skin with SPF30+ sunscreen. Also ask your Doctor (GP) for suitable sunscreen for you.  
Safety Typs  
  01. Always lock your car doors and boot.  
  02. Ensure your windows and sun roof are closed.  
  03. Hide any valuables, or better still, take them with you.  
  04. Set your alarm, immobiliser and put your club lock on.  
  01. Avoid dark and lonely places. Walk in well lit, open spaces.  
  02. Where possible walk with a friend or in a crowd.  
  03. Carry your wallet and mobile phone inside a coat or front pocket.  
  04. Have your keys in your hand and be ready before arriving at your home or car.  
  05. Consider the use of a personal alarm.  
  01. Ensure all windows and doors are ........ with a quality deadlock.  
  02. A safe offers a high level of security, especially for items such as cash, jewelleiy and important documents.  
  03. Consider an alarm system (and use it).  
  04. Remember, when in doubt, keep them out.  
  05. Lock all doors and windows, even in units above ground level (some offenders can climb).  
  06. Engrave portable and valuable items.  
  01. Ensure a good fence around the pool and always lock it.  
  02. Supervise all the time when kids are in & around the pool  
  03. Keep a First Aid kit in case of emergency  
- Police, Fire or Ambulance: Ring 000
- State Emergency Services (for natural disasters):  RING
Information about any crime, tell crime stoppers: RING 1800 333 000
What to do if you have an Accident?
Stop immediately and give assistance to any injured person.  
Call for an ambulance if one is required.  
Call the police in these circumstances:
- A person has been killed or injured
- The other party fails to stop and/or supply their details
- A vehicle has to be towed
- A driver appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
- Damage to property (other than vehicles) is more than $500
Any accident should be reported to the police as soon as possible.
Exchange details with others involved, including:
- Date, time and location
- Name and residential address of the person responsible
- License and registration details
- Make and model of cars involved in the accident
- Insurance policy details, if known
Collect names and details of any witnesses, as well as police officers.  
Call your insurance company (eg NRMA Insurance on 131123) to lodge your claim and get the repair process started.  
The car to be towed if you can’t drive it or if the damage is minor, you can drive your car home.  
  NRMA ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE: 131 123 (24Hrs 7 Days)  

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Useful Telephone Numbers
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