Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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About Us
Welcome to Internet version of Tamil Guide (NSW, Australia).


I am proud to introduce the Internet website for the `Tamil Guide'. The 5th edition of Tamil Guide is now available on Internet with updates. Visit our website: www.tamilguide.com.au and the valuable information is at your fingertips.

As we promised in the Tamil Guide 2008, this has been established in addition to our publication. The advertisements/services in the Tamil Guide 2008 have been transferred to Tamil Guide website. The website is the current and future information centre for the world, particularly for our own community. Therefore a business or a service provider has no need to wait until next edition of Tamil guide to advertise a new or change their existing details.

Another important feature of this website is that this has been linked to many other useful Internet sites.

You may send an email (kalappai@gmail.com) or phone us (on 0433 088 725) if you wish to advertise in the website. You may send online message about any updates or suggestions or useful information to improve the website. The aim is to bring this website with most of the useful inflammations and facts to our Tamils, in particular to Australia. Share any information that is useful to our community.

I'm sure that this website will prove to be an easy and handy reference website to our community.

Yours Sincerely

Dr. P. Ketheswaran
Tamil Guide NSW Australia--
Australian Society of Graduate Tamils (ASoGT) &
Australian Medical Aid Foundation

About Us (ASoGT) :The Australian Society of Graduate Tamils (ASoGT) was established in Sydney in 2002. The aim of this organisation is to bring Tamils from various Universities and different disciplines to engage in projects to enhance education in our homelands and propagate Tamil in our adopted countries.
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